Kartas’ s history and development starts from the 1950’s. Hasan Yesilcay has started his refrigeration business in 1952. Hasan Yesilcay’s company is one of the first refrigeration companies in Turkey.

The 50’s and the 60’s were difficult years in Turkey. Importing was forbidden and there was very limited parts and technology. Kartas turned a disadvantage to an advantage and started manufacturing hand-made household refrigerators first in Turkey parallel to commercial refrigerators.

In 70’s Kartas became the first Turkish refrigerator manufacturer to export to the ‘’Industry Giant Germany’’. Kartas kept increasing to export to several countries.
Kartas kept increasing its products and technology to meet the requirements of the customers.
There is various advance technology machinery in Kartas’s factory.
There is an sheet metal processing capability with the machine that is completely automated.
There is also plastic processing capability. Plastic shapes sizes up to 2.3 x 1.3 meters can be thermoformed. That is how the side panels for refrigerators can be made.
There is a polyurethane injection capability. 25 kilograms of polyurethane can be injected in 20 seconds, continuously. Kartas has carpenter shop, steel-processing shop, custom sheet metal processing shop, glass processing shop, electrical shop, and refrigeration shop in its factory.  As well as complete refrigerators, Kartas supplies other refrigerator manufacturers all over the world with the parts that manufactured.
Kartas manufactures plastic side panels and aluminum gears for its refrigerators and for the other manufacturers.
Kartas has an ISO-9001 certification. Kartas has patents for most of the designs that manufactures.
In 2003 Kartas became the 19th highest tax payer in its region (Fatih), Kartas received an appreciation certificate from the Turkish Government.
Kartas performs its production in the factory in a 3000 m2 area in Hadimkoy Industrial Zone where they moved in 2002. Kartas has also using SALVAGNINI S4-P-4 CNC machines in their products.In the factory in which production is made according to the international standards with the made and upgraded investments quality products are produced for the whole world.

All the buildings, machineries, and vehicles completely paid and owned by Kartas.
Kartas family will keep developing together with its customers and friends…
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